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If you've never experienced reflexology before you may be a little unsure of what to expect.

Prior to your treatment a 20 minute consultation will take place. Here, we will discuss your lifestyle and wellbeing, along with any medical problems you may be experiencing. The consultation is clarification of what you are hoping to gain from your treatment. I will then be able to adapt and tailor the treatment to your specific needs.


The treatment is performed mainly on the feet. I will ask you to only remove your shoes and socks. In some cases, if a client has a sprained ankle then I will work the relevant hand reflexes.


To start your treatment off I will gently warm up your both feet which consists of gentle massage and opening up the zones of both feet in readiness for the next part of your treatment.


For the next 45 minutes I will work on both feet, applying pressure and manipulating the reflexes to help your body to rebalance itself. Your session should be relaxing and enjoyable for most, although some areas of your feet may be sensitive or maybe even a little uncomfortable when worked on. This is not unusual and in fact shows where there may be an imbalance within your system that we need to work on at the next treatment.


Throughout the treatment I will be making a note of which reflexes show congestion. At the end of the treatment I will tell you what I have found and you are free to ask any other questions.

After the treatment you'll probably feel deeply relaxed, even lethargic or you may be feeling really energetic. Every client is individual so reactions will differ. On the odd occasion a client may feel nauseous or feel head tension, this is purely a signal that something is shifting within the body. These symptoms are nothing to worry about, in fact it shows your body is responding to the treatment. If you do experience these symptoms all that's required is rest and plenty of water to hydrate – these symptoms will soon pass and the benefits of your treatment will be felt.


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