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I have many testimonials, below is a small selection.

My daughter has autism and Gillian is very understand of her condition. No-one can touch her feet except for Gillian. I have seen small but wonderful differences in my daughter since coming for Reflexology. My daughter enjoys her treatments. My daughter rushes to the couch and takes hers shoes and socks off in readiness for her treatment. Thank you Gillian.

Children’s reflexology treatment

Gillian creates a place for me to relax and drift off, which is a nice and unique feature of reflexology, because one wouldn’t ordinarily be expected to drift off when Gillian is uncovering sometimes sore or toxic parts of the body.

It's very interesting finishing the session with Gillian’s observations of which parts of the body need attention.


I am looking forward to experiencing what comes up after Gillian’s treatment. I feel in safe hands with Gillian because she comes across as diligent, studious and grounded.

Renuka, reflexology treatment

I've come to sessions with Gillian, I was apprehensive at first but Gillian immediately made me feel welcome. The sessions have been such a valuable experience for me. I've found the sessions to have a special sort of intimacy, feeling cared for and safe. Outside of sessions, I've felt a more balanced emotional state (which I asked to be looked at – I sometimes struggle with low mood/depression) and five year pain in my shoulder has felt looser and bothered me less.

John, reflexology treatment

All of Gillian’s findings have been accurate. I have no doubt that she will go on to be a wonderful practitioner and help people as she has helped me.

Linda, reflexology treatment

I've come to sessions with Gillian, I was apprehensive at first but very happy with the sessions I've had with Gillian. Didn't know what to expect at first, but even though I didn’t tell her anything, she picked up on everything accurately.


Felt very relaxed after each session and felt great for a few days after. I would highly recommend Gillian to anyone wanting reflexology.

Victoria, reflexology treatment

Facial reflexology is so amazing my spirit felt uplifted and my skin felt amazing, can’t wait for my next treatment.

Shelly, facial reflexology treatment

Wonderful treatment WOW who needs botox. Thank you so much, my skin is glowing and feels amazing. Everyone should have a treatment.
Shirley, facial reflexology treatment

I really enjoy this treatment and feel so relaxed and balanced after my treatment/massage.

Janice, facial reflexology and massage treatment

Gillian, thank you so much for your treatments while trying to conceive and "Yes" we got there and I am pregnant.
Pregnancy reflexology treatment

Thank you Gillian for your patience and understanding during my IVF treatments you have been such a big part of my journey. I don’t think it would have happened without your treatments after several miscarriages.

Pregnancy reflexology treatment

Left feeling relaxed, back feeling much better and my legs feeling lighter – a well needed treatment. Thank you.
Pregnancy massage treatment

Had a wonderful spinal reflexology treatment so amazing and I can't wait for my next treatment.
Spinal reflexology treatment

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