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Pure Reflexology offer treatments in Beckenham and surrounding areas.


45 minute treatment for all round well-being                                                           



A 60 minute treatment to restore your body and health, particularly                 

beneficial for those recovering from illness, emotional upheaval or stress



Indulge (includes pedicure)

A 1hr 45 minute reflexology treatment along with a pedicure.
Just the ticket for a special treat.  





Pre-conceptual, Pregnancy and Post-Natal Care Reflexology
1 hour specialist treatment                                                                                           
Feel the benefits of treatments both before, during and post-pregnancy,
helping with your emotional and physical well-being at this stressful time,

as well as improving your sleep patterns, rebalancing hormones and
generally feeling more relaxed.   



Spinal Reflexology
1 hour specialist treatment                                                                                     

This treatment identifies any nerve roots which are out of balance;
helping them to open up, to reduce tension and to improve overall well-being.



Hot Stone Reflexology
1 hour treatment                                                                                                               

Sit back and treat yourself to one hour of hot stone reflexology,
awakening the senses on your feet for even more, deeper relaxation.   



Taster Session
This is available to anyone who would like to try out some reflexology              
without making the commitment to a full session. The appointment is
about 45 minutes duration and during that time there is the opportunity
to find out all about reflexology and how it may work for you and to have
a short treatment of about 20 minutes.



Children and teenagers are most welcome and often really relax well
during reflexology. The sessions tend to be shorter than for adults
(30 minutes) and for children 16 and under the parent must remain in
the treatment room for the duration. It can be a great way of helping
older children and teenagers relax before exams. I also treat children
with autism and other special needs.




On your first visit, there will be a 20 minute consultation before your treatment so that I can tailor a plan specific to your needs. There is no charge for the consultation.


My dedicated treatment room ensures privacy in an environment of peaceful, unhurried relaxation.


If you cannot make an appointment please try and give at least 24 hours notice to avoid full payment of treatment.


Gift vouchers are also available and are an ideal gift or present for a friend or loved one if you are looking for something a little different. Please contact me for details.


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